Udenafil and alcohol interactionsUdenafil is a new drug from the class of PDE5 inhibitors designed to treat erectile dysfunction in males. The remedy is manufactured under the trade name Zydena. Every pill contains either 100mg or 200mg of Udenafil. The medication works by improving the flow of blood to the pelvic organs and relaxing the cavernous bodies of the male sex organ. Together with a sexual stimulation the drug causes erection, which is firm enough for having a sexual intercourse.

The drug may be taken daily or when it is needed but not more than 1 pill a day. The strongest effect of the medication may be felt in an hour after the intake. The duration of action of Udenafil tablets varies from 11 to 24 hours depending on the dose, personal tolerance to the preparation, and the patient’s health condition.

Alcohol may work differently for different people. Any amounts of alcohol may either stimulate or depress the nervous system. The reaction is very individual, however, the transition of signals to the brain in people who are under the influence of alcohol is slower than in the sober ones. Consequently, it may be much more difficult to cause and sustain an erection even with the help of medicines.

In general, Udenafil may be taken with small amounts of alcohol. Yet the permissible dose of spirits should be discussed with a doctor for every patient individually because some Udenafil and alcohol interactions may have life-threatening consequences.

However, those who ignore the recommendations and drink too much may be more inclined to evolve side effects. Alcohol may either widen or narrow the blood vessels thus inducing different negative reactions in patients.

Widening of the arteries caused by Udenafil may be exacerbated by alcohol and lead to a serious fall in the blood pressure and sometimes even bleedings in people with various blood cell ailments.

On the contrary, narrowing of the blood vessels, induced by alcohol, in combination with Udenafil may trigger changes in the heart rhythm and cause high blood pressure. So, taking Zydena with alcohol raises the risks of heart attack and stroke in patients inclined to such problems.

Other precautions to Udenafil intake

Zydena may provoke hazardous interactions not only with alcohol but also with some other medicines. For example, taking Udenafil together with nitrate drugs (e.g. nitroglycerin) may provoke extremely low blood pressure. If left without medical attention, there is a probability of fatal outcomes.Zydena with alcohol

The risks of taking Udenafil may outweigh the benefits in patients with:

  • Cardiovascular problems (irregular heartbeat, angina, coronary artery disease);
  • Severe kidney or liver issues;
  • Heart attack, a stroke or a heart surgery in the near medical history;
  • Serious vision problems;
  • Allergy to Udenafil or any of the inactive ingredients of the preparation.

There is no evidence of the safety of Udenafil in men over 71 years of age. Talk to the doctor to evaluate the possible dangers prior to using the drug. The medication is not intended to be used in men younger than 18 and women.